New Elementor Pro Discount Pricing Plan 2021 – Save Your Money

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If you Buy Elementor Pro Before 9th March 2021, you’ll be able to save up to 95% or maybe more of your money. Before 9th March Expert Plan gives 1,000 Sites and After it only gives 25 sites. We suggest you should Buy Elementor Pro NOW before it’s too late.

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Elementor Pro Discount Pricing Plan – Save MONEY

This 9th March 2021. Elementor will possibly be introducing new Studio and Agency Pro subscription plans and adapting the Expert plan, to “best accommodate clients’” uprising needs. These changes will only apply to new purchases only. If you have an ongoing subscription plan, everything stays the same for you. Elementor Pro Discount Pricing plan only affects the buyers who purchase Elementor Pro after the 9th of March, 2021.

Since elementor has been launched 4.5 years before, it has emerged from a modest page builder right into a complete website building platform. This change arises from their devotion to creating the perfect platform to meet your growing needs.

Elementor is now currently installed and used on nearly 7M websites! Behind these websites is a superb, broad, and diverse community – from first-timers to freelancers, seasoned experts to large brands and firms – all with specific needs and demands.

Yet, the elementor Pro discount pricing model for Elementor has hardly changed because it was first introduced in 2016, and it’s time to modernize it. As they proceed to scale, they need Elementor Pro plans to replicate your adept progress as web creators, from designing your first web site, all the best way to a profitable business.

To totally accommodate these evolving demands, they’ll be making changes to Elementor Pro subscription plans, which will apply to new purchases only made from March 9th, 2021.

elementor pro discount

Elementor Pro Discount – New Model

What’s New in the  Plan?

Elementor has planned to offer two new plans designed for larger teams and users with an immense client base – Studio ($499 / year for 100 web sites), and Agency ($999 / year for  1,000 web sites)

These new plans have access to:

  • VIP Support – 24/7 live chat.
  • Team access to assist to allow potency in your workflow.
  • Tailor-made, relevant content – starting with 100+ more website kits (till not confirm).
  • Open a profile on Elementor’s Experts community (open to ExpertStudio, and Agency plans) to create new opportunities for businesses.

Hopefully, these plans may get prolonged services in the future, such as more integrations to third-party tools suitable for bigger teams and companies. You can see here the Elementor Pro Discount Plan.

What’s Not Changing?

  • All current customers with an active Pro subscription keep the same terms & conditions for that subscription.
  • Personal and Plus plans are only being renamed to Essential and Advanced respectively and aren’t remodeling when it comes to pricing or services.

What’s Changing?

  • Expert plans, purchased after March 9th, 2021 for $199 / year, will now have 25 web sites in the plan. 
  • Elementor want to give everyone a chance to get in on the current Expert plan ($199 / year for 1,000 sites) before it’s discontinued – for users who wish to buy this plan or upgrade to it, now have the possibility to do it (before 19th March 2021).
elementor pro discount

Important notification for current Expert plan clients! 

Users on the current Expert plan ($199 per year for 1,000 sites), who want to access the Agency plan to experience VIP support, team access, and more, will get a limited time 50% discount when upgrading to the Agency plan which is just valid from 9th March to 9th June 2021. This discount will even apply on renewals so long as the account is kept active.

Great Support:

elementor pro discount

Elementor believes that providing top-level assist is a priority for them, and elementor sees it as an essential aspect of your success. Over 2020, they made some important inroads to improving the response and resolution time, by the use of doubling their purchaser experience crew, fulfilling new infrastructure, and more. In 2021, they’re saying they may continue to make changes to make the page builder more manageable and user-friendly.

These enhancements to their premium support, together with the new VIP support will probably make sure that their complete user community receives a level of service that matches the standard of Elementor Pro.

As you grow as a web designer, you create a greater number of web sites for your clients, with added complexity. This is reflected within the level and amount of support you need. To meet these needs, further requirements to help must be met, such as a larger, devoted team of specialized agents, with superior practice. The change to the Expert plan (25 sites), along with the addition of the new Studio and Agency plans, shows the means needed to get there. 

Therefore, to scale the level of customer experience across the board, they provide two tiers of support to their Elementor Pro subscribers:

Premium Support (Only for Essential, Advanced, and Expert)

  • Support by e-mail, with a human response time of less than one working day.

VIP Support (Studio + Agency)

  • Access to 24/7 live chat or help by e-mail.
  • Additional crew members can have access to VIP support with the same subscription – Studio as many as 5 members and Agency as many as 10 members.


These reforms will help the Elementor to proceed to offer you the perfect product, whatever the size of your enterprise while making certain that the level of service matches. Elementor has a whole lot of thrilling things in store this year, including enhancing the core builder by introducing innovative new features and new marketing / eCommerce capabilities.

elementor pro discount

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